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Meet Toomgis

Some say Toomgis fell to Earth from snack heaven. But that's just hearsay. What we do know is Toomgis is Too Much Good Stuff®. He's a friendly, gentle giant made of hundreds of different foods and drinks, and 35 kinds of generosity and kindness.



Toomgis can't fly because of the 3-ounce rule.
In high school, Toomgis was voted 'Most Likely to be Eaten.'
Toomgis loved this Horchata so much, he cried tears of cinnamon.
Toomgis only has one yoga pose, the pretzel.
Toomgis works as a lifeguard in the summer.
At 7'6", Toomgis was recruited to play basketball by many NBA teams but no coaches would allow snacking on the bench, so he quickly returned to ampm.
You might say Toomgis has a sweet tooth, but, really, all his teeth are sweet. See for yourself.



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